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  • What I Do

    In a world where technology is unstoppable and our brains are changing,

    I help you and your teams do what machines cannot.


    Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are required to function in an ever demanding environment, led by productivity goals and a fast-paced technology that require immediate feedback and permanent connectivity. Our brains are adapting to answer fast and be reactive. To face the current challenges, corporations expect higher competitiveness and an innovate workforce. Simultaneously, many jobs are threatened by automation.


    No wonder many people get paralysed by fear and suffer from stress related illnesses. The paradox is that it is precisely now that both companies and individuals need to be more motivated, engaged and resilient to build their futures. So how do we break this cycle and find opportunities to adapt to the new world?


    Innovation does not happen without creativity. People are creative when they can find a strong sense of identity, feel their ideas are respected, and can in turn respect other’s. There are two skills that humans need more than ever, which contain the key to adaptability and machines will have a hard time reproducing: Creativity and Collaboration.


    We have been trained for a knowledge-based competitive society that neglected education in these skills. Creative thinking and Collaboration cannot be purchased or downloaded, but can be learned and fostered.


    It is time to focus on what really matters: recovering a sense of joy at work and in our private lives and preparing for tomorrow’s needs. We are buidling a future beyond Artificial Intelligence.

    The Art of Building Creative Teams

    Engagement + Initiative+ Innovation

    You will be inspired by the awakening of your own creative potential. We explore the creative process to understand what makes a creative team and what it takes to bring ideas into action. You and your team will experience what fosters creativity and understand what blocks it, broaden your innovation potential, and leave with the tools to keep high energy and have fun. A creative mindset makes for resilient and resourceful teams. I also team up with Popupyogaconcepts and Coworking Les Galeries to offer exciting company wellbeing programmes.


    The Art of Developing Collaboration

    Negotiation + Conflict Management + Influence

    Soft kills are the hardest to learn. That's why computers have a hard time reading emotions! If we believe in creating stimulating working environments where people feel free to be creative, we must also know how to communicate effectively, deal with conflict, negotiate and influence in a healthy way. My programmes are tailored made and include follow up support to facilitate knowhow integration. Themes may range from fostering team engagement and resilience, to dealing effectively with manipulation at work. I also advise on corporate diversity and regularly train and coach professional women.

    The Art of Being You

    Coaching + Life Design + Meaning

    Creativity is not something you use only on the drawing table. It's what you make of your life. I can help you reinvent your personal story in a way that reflects your true identity. Imagine your best self, and then act upon your imagination to live a brilliant life!

  • What People Say

    about Mirna's corporate workshops

    • "Your workshop was one of my best days this year (and I had many happy days). I often say to myself: what would Mirna say, how would she react in this situation? It really works! P.S. The folder you gave us is still at my bedside table". Christina, Senior Adviser.
    • "I asked Mirna to facilitate our annual team offsite and to bring creativity as a theme. I knew from our preparation that this was going to be different! Mirna took the time to properly understand the dynamics of the team and where creativity might help unblock potential and help us to work better together. The offsite sessions were fun and instructive, everyone was truly engaged. Feedback from the team afterwards was unanimously positive and I have really seen a  lasting difference among team members in how we collaborate and use Mirna's techniques to find alternative solutions and ways of doing things. I have seen the proof that Mirna can unleash a whole new dimension to teams in these workshops!".  Susan, Bank Managing Director. 
    • The Creative Thinking  workshop has been led in a very creative manner, pushing all of us outside our comfortable boundaries without feeling in danger. Based on respect, discovery and fun, this workshop is a self-energy finder, a toolbox opener and a true added value to whoever wants to achieve things with a new perspective. It's the actual implementation of "thinking outside the box"! Laurent, Head of HR. 
    • « Excellent mix of theoretical background and immediate practical application, gives incisive insight”, Emmanuel, Researcher
    • "Being a photographer for more than 20 years, I daresay I'm creative.  Recently, a photo enthusiast asked me "How do you do to be creative?"...Go answer that! I wouldn't have been able to if I hadn't attended Mirna's workshop on creativity. So far, creativity was just a mechanism to me. I took my pictures with the rules I learned and my style; however, I never really wondered what led me to decide to cut a landscape here rather than there. This workshop opened my eyes twice. First, when I got to understand that creativity isn't just a concept reserved to an elite of artists. Creativity is in each and every one of us and we can enhance it. Second, when I realised it does apply to any context. Artists as well as corporate and business managers attended the workshop. And every one of us has been able to project the benefits of being creative in his/her own life." Ntambo photography. 
    • “I realised that most knowledge is within ourselves and this course helped us rediscover our abilities and use them”, Ali, Technology Manager
    • "I was introduced to Mirna at a corporate offsite. The creativity session which she hosted brought a refreshing new perspective to traditional offsite agendas. The tasks were fun, insightful and at times even emotive.  They really made me think about collaboration, teamwork and my own individual aptitude and mind-set in a different way.  Mirna supported the offsite session with a series of enlightening emails to keep the creative juices flowing once back in the office environment and offering much-welcomed moments of reflection. I would recommend Wiser Gems to any corporate entity interested in encouraging their employees to think outside their usual boundaries", Daksha, Company Secretary. 
    • "Mirna is a very skilled specialist/communicator.  She is a great trainer! Wish we had more classes with her. Very useful tips!", Rob, Lawyer. 
    • I will use what I learned everywhere, everyday”, Lee, Academic Researcher
    • "I loved the follow up! I found it very inspirational and also really good with the tips. I’ve already committed to what I want to create. I really like how you give actually quite profound thoughts in such practical ways." Helene, Policy Officer. 

    about Mirna as coach

    • "After almost 10 years within the same organisation, I acknowledged a professional need of change but couldn't position my thoughts or myself around my own desire and ambitions. I therefore sought the support of a professional coach and met Mirna. Mirna listened carefully to my perspectives without judgment in a relationship of trust and respect. Providing support without removing my own responsibility, she enhanced my self-esteem. Mirna does encourage the process of thinking about thinking and provides resources in this regard. This approach to coaching helped me learn in ways that let me keep growing afterwards. With a constant availability, support and encouragement, Mirna gave me the tools to pave the road I'm now on and I'm enjoying the way as much as the vision of the results to come".  Laurent, HR Director

    • “I am a very resourceful person and generally know how to find solutions.  But sometimes you need someone with a high degree of professionalism and commitment.  I count myself very lucky to have Mirna as my coach”, Carolyn, Entrepreneur and Board Director
    • After hearing Mirna speak at an event, her energy, charisma and honesty were inspiring. I am very fortunate to have her now as my coach who combines practical tips, “stop talking and start doing” encouragement, the right questions and guidance for reflection. I am now generating my own positive energy to manage my international team and more importantly, my own life. I am energized to embrace life both professionally and privately. Thank you Mirna for opening these doors for me. – Clare, Director
    • ​​“Mirna has an extraordinary capacity to make every problem seem manageable and help you find your own solutions. She has shown me how to understand why other people react like they do. I have changed my approach to interpersonal relationships”, Marianne, Senior Legal Counsel
    • “I have learned to use self-reflection to gain confidence. This is what personal growth is about”, Ana Cristina, Psychologist

    about Mirna's art events 

    • "Mirna, thank you again for the opportunity to learn how to paint. It was truly an empowering evening. Realizing that "wow - I can actually do it". An inspiration for life. Thank you.", Mina, marketing expert. 
    • "For the first time in my life I attended an art class. I have my painting in my living room and people are really impressed that it is possible to paint "at that level" in a couple of hours. I loved the people, the beautiful setting, the relaxed atmosphere, and above all Mirna's enthusiasm and dedication. I will not forget her tips and advice. This experience has meant so much that I have now started a creative hobby and make time every week to develop my creativity", Marta, Bank Director
    • "What a blast. Focus, concentration, fun, connecting to people.  Mirna is such a good and inspiring teacher.  I am coming back and will start a creative hobby asap", Val, entrepreneur.    

  • About Me

    I'm on a mission to awaken creativity and foster collaboration

    Mirna Hidalgo

    Chief Creative Officer

    I've had an unusual career path: I started as a dance teacher and professional Flamenco dancer while I was a law student. I then specialised in International law and Legal Cooperation and had a 20 years-long career as legal adviser and senior manager in the financial sector, where I led multinational negotiations, lobbying and strategic corporate transactions. In parallel, I always pursued creative interests. When the corporate treadmill made me unhappy, I changed my life to do what I love the most: create and connect. I obtained a coaching certification and then graduated in Fine Arts, Artistic Expression and the Psychology of Creativity. My life today is spread between painting, doing research about collaboration and creative thinking, training, consulting and coaching. My work integrates corporate experience, deep subject-matter knowledge and creative expression. My clients say they learn while having fun!


    Flamenco musicians and dancers experience a state of heightened emotion, authenticity and expression, called "Duende". The Oxford English Dictionary defines duende as ‘a quality of passion and inspiration’. If you know me, you know that I put all my passion in anything I do - whether I'm dancing, advising as a lawyer, painting or coaching. Enthusiasm is contagious.


    I love sparking creativity and engagement in teams. When people get in touch with their creative power and connect to each other, the Duende comes out and great things happen...


    Are you curious to know more about my career path? In this interview, you can read more about how my choices developed and what motivates me. https://moxierules.co.uk/mirnahidalgo/ 


    If you want to see my art portfolio, check out my website: MirnArt site or follow my paintings on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mirnart.wisergems


  • The Creative Process

    This video from Daniel Cordero explains the act of creation like no other. Enjoy!

    Art is Theft

    Ideas are everywhere, creativity is an act of destruction - reconstruction - appropiation.

  • Services

    Training - Original Events - Coaching


    Learning by Doing

    My approach to training is both self reflective and interactive. We learn by doing. We create new ways of understanding each other and bonding. We unblock creativity. All my work is tailor made. I also design follow up that makes learning sustainable and keeps teams motivated and enthusiastic.

    Creative Events

    Art, Wine and Fun!

    We take the same brain everywhere, when we are having fun and trying new things our brain is creating new connections. In these events, we prove that art is for everyone! I guide everyone step by step and show how a relaxed, supportive environment is the best way to develop creative thinking.  

    Life Design Coaching

    A humanist and practical approach

    I provide active support, share lots of practical tools and help you develop a growth mindset. You will Know Yourself and Know the Others, leave stronger, enthusiastic and ready to enjoy life as a creative adventure.

  • Connect With Me

    Mirna Hidalgo - Tel. +32 0477971539

    License number BE0525973194




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